For performing keyboardists and DJs: It changes everything!

Midi~Kuper will up your performance to an unsurpassed level of professionalism, richness and variety. It reconfigures all your MIDI gear at the touch of a button for your next song, stepping you through your performance without any stops or breaks to get your equipment ready. Midi~Kuper does it all for you. You just need a little up-front preparation, and then you can repeat the same song sequences without breaks consistently on every performance.

Midi~Kuper will allow you to use ALL of the capacity of your gear, all the sounds, all the synths, so your performance can flow from one song to another sounding fresh on every song. Create massive layers and splits that use sounds from any of your synths, not just the one you are playing on.

Control all your synths with just as few or as many controllers/keyboards as you like. Take advantage of all the virtual instruments you have on your computer and expand the sounds that are available to you on stage.

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Take live performance to the next level with Midi~Kuper

Midi~Kuper is a tool for the live performing keyboardist or electronic musician that will forever change the way you perform live.

No more waiting between songs to call up a couple of patches or to switch to a different pair of keys. Just hit the Next button and the sounds you programmed for the next song smoothly reconfigure themselves on your controllers.


How does it do that?

Midi~Kuper is a giant, virtual, practically unlimited MIDI patch matrix that programmatically reconfigures itself instantly based on the song you are performing. Midi~Kuper allows you to patch MIDI signals from any device, keyboard, controller, control surface, etc., to any available MIDI instrument, synth or destination device of your choice.

You don't need to limit yourself to synths. You can for example send the same MIDI messages from one of your keyboard controllers to a synth patch while simultaneously routing the same signal to a voice harmony box. And by the way, if you need to also change the program on that harmony box to suit the song you are performing, Midi~Kuper will do that for you automatically as well.


How will it help my performance?

Midi~Kuper will let you avail yourself of every sound in your collection of synths and sounds instantly, automatically, smoothly, with no waiting or audible transitions, so you can step through your planned live performance with no interruptions or breaks, using as few controllers and keyboards as you wish, without limiting yourself to a handful of sounds. Give yourself the luxury of using customized combinations of all your sounds in a live performance, each combination associated with one or more songs, so you can keep it fresh on every song of every set.

Integrate Midi~Kuper with your favorite DAW as a virtual instrument host so you can access thousands more sounds on your computer. Then synchronize your performance with your backing tracks and click track on the same DAW to sound like a giant production, all automatically controlled through Midi~Kuper at the touch of a single button.


Make the most of your keyboards & controllers

Instantly and on the fly, call up monster layers and splits using any sound from your arsenal, even mixing sounds from different synths and virtual instruments.

Reassign the functions of any small or large control surface during your performance to fit any need as you perform. For example, you can use your sliders to control a tone-wheel organ's drawbars on one song, and as a channel volume mixer on the next, and a synth parameter controller on the following song.

Mangle and transform your MIDI control messages, control instrument balance and pan from song to song, and more. Your imagination is the limit.


Bullet-proof your performance

In performance mode, Midi~Kuper can become your friend to produce a flawless performance. Every window can be positioned anywhere on multiple monitors so the entire band can see:

  • Stats about the song, such as original performer and year released
  • A large blinking indicator to set your tempo consistently on every performance
  • Lyrics for the song
  • Instructions you may need to remember before count-off

And you can position these windows on large projection screens or monitors in strategic places so your entire band can benefit. No more yelling across the stage: "What song are we doing next?" or "What key was that in?".


Remote wireless control

When you are ready to transition to the next sound in your song, or to the top of the next song, all the sounds you have set up for the section or song will be called up at the touch of a single button, without affecting those sounds you are still holding with your keys or sustain pedal. The next note you hit will instantly be from the sounds you programmed for that next section or song

Control your performance wirelessly through your iPad, iPhone or other device supporting Lemur. See the current status of your performance on your device and quickly step to the next set of sounds with one touch.


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